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Кузьмі - 55. Скрябін. Вечір пам'яті
04 April 2024

Кузьмі - 55. Скрябін. Вечір пам'яті

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Італійський бульвар, 4

About the show

Skryabin. Memorial concert in Odesa.

On April 4, 2024, we invite you to a concert dedicated to the memory of Andriy Kuzmenko, which will take place in Odesa. You will be able to sing your favorite songs together with the Skryabin band, reflect on how deep and important Andriy Kuzmenko's work is and honor the singer's memory. Enjoy the unique lyrics and energy inherent in Kuzma's work.

Kuzma – 55. A concert in memory of the legendary Ukrainian artist.

A dentist by training, musician by vocation, Andriy Kuzmenko, together with the band Skryabin, created a large number of songs that have become iconic for the Ukrainian audience. His popularity does not fade away even today, and his lyrics do not lose their relevance, because everything he wrote is real - about life. So, we invite you to honor the memory of Kuzma, a special artist for Ukrainian music, together. Buy tickets for the singer's memorial evening in Odesa on our website. See you at the Andriy Kuzmenko memorial concert at the Palladium on April 4, 2024.

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Songs by the band Skryabin:

  • “Мовчати”

  • “Люди, як кораблі”

  • “То моє море”

  • “Старі фотографії”

  • “Спи собі сама”

  • “Сам собі країна”


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